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Safety Monks 

Our mission is to build a Safety Management System with a vision to provide services following the same values as Monks symbolize; dedication, integrity, and ethics


Support Levels for you  ....

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Pay as You Go; Training & speaking gigs, help with WCB issues, develop safe work procedure, help you recruit an oh&s professional, ISO 45001 safety audits

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Exposure control & emergency response plan creation for mechanical plants i.e. ammonia, major construction work & build contractor safety plans



A Subscription service for Platinum level 365x7x24 Worldwide coverage & access to certified OH&S consultants for emergencies i.e. life loss


Steven Newhouse

Principal CRSP, EOH

Primary point of contact supports clients in making safety decisions based on mutually decided goals. A Canadian Registered Safety Professional, with over 30 years of safety & facility operation knowledge & all around "good guy".


Team Members


Over a 1000 years of combined experience with the group of experts we can access to support your organization to solve "things that keep you up at night"


“Occupational Health and Safety Department in a Box”

What does this mean to You ?

Complete occupational health and safety (OH&S) program pathway for an organization with no need for  dedicated staff.


Contact Methods

Please contact us for a free consultative conversation to see what your needs are? If you know Safety is important and want a solution, we have a mutual interest  & we know we can help you!

British Columbia, Canada

P: 778-557-3325

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Safety FAQ's Clients ask ...

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How to???

Question I am asked!

Safety IS 2nd most important "basic" needs of what employees look for from a job! Hint: the most important "basic" need is food, water, warmth  & rest i.e. "physiological" needs

Benefits of OH&S...

Safety is the MOST cost$ effective way to gain the loyalty of your staff & respect from your peers PLUS you can avoid regulatory Penalties$, lawsuits, & bad media coverage

What are the Priorities?

"How" Safety starts is with a FREE initial consultation conversation to see if we are able to satisfy your current needs, if so, then determine a mutually agreed to way to support these needs


The safety of the people shall be the highest law.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

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