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Safety Monks 

Our mission is to build a Safety Management System with a vision to provide services following the same values as Monks symbolize; dedication, integrity, and ethics

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Pay as You Go; Training & speaking gigs, help with WCB issues, develop safe work procedure, help you recruit an oh&s professional, ISO 45001 safety audits

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Exposure control & emergency response plan creation for mechanical plants i.e. ammonia, major construction work & build contractor safety plans



A Subscription service for Platinum level 365x7x24 Worldwide coverage & access to certified OH&S consultants for emergencies i.e. life loss

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Steven Newhouse

Principal CRSP, EOH

Primary point of contact supports clients in making safety decisions based on mutually decided goals. A Canadian Registered Safety Professional, with over 30 years of safety & facility operation knowledge & all around "good guy".


Team Members


Over a 1000 years of combined experience with the group of experts we can access to support your organization to solve "things that keep you up at night"

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“Occupational Health and Safety Department in a Box”

What does this mean to You ?

Complete occupational health and safety (OH&S) program pathway for an organization with no need for  dedicated staff.

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Please contact us for a free consultative conversation to see what your needs are? If you know Safety is important and want a solution, we have a mutual interest  & we know we can help you!

British Columbia, Canada

P: 778-557-3325

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Safety FAQ's Clients ask ...

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Question I am asked!

Safety IS 2nd most important "basic" needs of what employees look for from a job! Hint: the most important "basic" need is food, water, warmth  & rest i.e. "physiological" needs

Benefits of OH&S...

Safety is the MOST cost$ effective way to gain the loyalty of your staff & respect from your peers PLUS you can avoid regulatory Penalties$, lawsuits, & bad media coverage

What are the Priorities?

"How" Safety starts is with a FREE initial consultation conversation to see if we are able to satisfy your current needs, if so, then determine a mutually agreed to way to support these needs

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The safety of the people shall be the highest law.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

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